Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Its been a while....

I havent posted for a while for a number of reasons. Firstly i had a job interview at Ogwen Cottage in North Wales, which im glad to say i got :-) so as of September ill be  the trainee instructor there! Literally can't wait! In less good news i basically flunked my dissertation and so had to stick my nose to the grindstone to drag my degree back upto a 2.1, I dont know the outcome as of yet but have got all my digits crossed.

During all this time i did manage to get out climbing and partying a bit, spending the bank holiday weekend in North Wales getting some good climbing done in even better locations. And also getting the last taste of the grit i'll have for a while, finally ticking some classics like Long Johns Slab at Froggatt and Eliminator at Stanage. As there are too many tales to put into this post i thought id describe it in videos and pictures.... Enjoy.

 The 5b Slab pitch on Superdirect (Dinas Mot)

 Guns out for the Rainbow, a rainy and blowy evening at Froggatt

 Getting the good crimps on Long Johns Slab (Froggatt)

My Honary 21st Dirty Pint.....It was drunk in one.......

I will endeavour to keep more upto date with bloggings from now on as this summer should be a good one, as  its all about getting good at climbing!