Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter hath cometh in the PEAK

Its a bit mental but its late November and ive been able to go out in half decent conditions an climb Back Tor via 2 routes today.

There was a sprinkling of snow dusting the peaks and with temperatures dropping after a semi-thaw (-1/0degC) me and a few others headed out to Back Tor to see what was going down in Peak land. Getting up at 530 is never my idea of a good beginning to a day, but on days such as these, it has to be done. So getting out of the house and in the car by 7am we were able to be first on the route by 8am getting the first ascent for the season! So early!

Running up the thing in about 20minutes me and Sam were able to walk back around and do another route, soloing near each other both times. As the sun started licking the ridge opposite you could feel the temperature fight its way out of the depths of the thermometre. Not much else aside what we climbed was 'in' really (the turf was frozen but it feels wrong winter climbing without at least some snow) so had a wander up and over Mam Tor. Eased back into the winter of 10/11 we headed home, coffe was drunk, smiles were smiled. Now back to the work i should have been doing.

Sam at the top of Back Tor Gully after its first 2 ascents this winter

Back Tor Condition

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Its been a while...

Its been a while since i last post. Mostly through laziness and a rapid increase in my work load.

For the last two months ive ben able to get out consistently on the grit, which to be honest has been a god send. As after Pembroke i realised my head had completely gone from the lack of use over the summer. So i got back on it like a keeno. Starting again at S and working back up is demoralising but there are worse places than Stanage to do every VS and HVS you can lay your tired, rash covered hand on.
Building up the confidence is a slow process but now in November im back doing E2s and the odd E3 consistently again which is slightly better than before. Solid base and all that. It feels good to have finally done the classics i was too ego driven to glance at last time. Pushing the grade has also become a more pleasureable experience as has days soloing 25-30routes.

Anyway, the snows have come so i guess its bouldering season (mid-psyce level) and of course SCOTLAND!! (uber psyce!). Ive got not a lift up north for this weekend but am heading to Back Tor tomorrow so will post about the conditions tomorrow eve after ive recovered from my 530am start....